9mm Time Military Twitter Background!

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9mm Time Twitter Background

9mm Time Twitter Backgrounds
Keywords: military, guns, gun, pistol, glock, gat, urban, gangster, gangsta, bullets, bullet, Click to Suggest A Keyword?
Description: 9mm and bullets layout.
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Submitted by: Renegade
Submitted on: Jun 3, 2009

This design also available as:
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FYI! Twitter.com does not allow animated/flashing backgrounds.
You can still use those layouts they will just not be animated. <3

Manual Install on Twitter

1) - Click here and download the background image. Right click the image and Save it to your computer.

2) - Login to Twitter, then navigate to your Profile Design page.

3) - Click on 'Change background image'. Click on Browse, and locate the background image you just downloaded.

4) - Click on 'Change design color' and input the following.
background color: 7D7C77
text color: 222222
links color: 21200E
sidebar color: 7D7C77
sidebar border: 090909

5) - Click 'save changes' at the bottom and your profile has been saved!

Bonus) - Enjoying our Layout? Click here to tweet that you just updated your twitter background!

AutoInstall on Twitter

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