Falling Checkered Stars Animated Tagged Layout!

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Falling Checkered Stars Tagged Layout

Falling Checkered Stars Tagged Layouts
Keywords: animated, falling, checkered, stars, star, pink, green, lime, blue, purple, Click to Suggest A Keyword?
Description: Falling black and white Checkered Stars on a flashing colorful background.
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Submitted by: Paula
Submitted on: Jun 16, 2009

This design also available as:
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There are two ways you can add this layout to your Tagged.com; the quick way which will get you just the background. Or the long way which takes longer but you'll have a more complete profile page.

Quick Add
Follow these steps to just get the Background image.

1) Step 1
Go to your Tagged.com Profile page. Click on "Change Skin" to the left of your profile photo. Then click on Make a Skin at the top left.

2) Step 2
Copy the code below. Left click in the box. Then right click the highlighted text and select Copy.

3) Step 3
Back on Tagged.com, click on Add from an Image URL. Then paste the background and click on Add Photo.

4) Step 4
Now you have to select the image position and set your image repeat.
-Under image position, click the box in the top left.
-Click the Image Repeat drop down box and select Across & Down.
-Click the Image Scroll drop box and select Off(fixed).

5) Step 5
Click the Save button on the right and you are DONE!

Long Add (additional profile details)
Follow these steps to customize your Profile Boxes if you want to have those match.

1) Step 1
Complete all of the Quick Add steps above!

2) Step 2
Under "Make a Skin", select Boxes.
-For the Subheader click on Clear so it will match your box background color.
-For Background select the closest color to the inside of this box.

-For Border select the closest color to the inside of this box. Make sure to select a style and size of the border.

-For Font select the closest color to the inside of this box. Do this for all three fonts (name, subheader, and text)

-On the third font, where it says Text, click on Links. Then select the closest color to the inside of this box.

3) Step 3
To customize your profile even more, feel free to play around with these options to get the best look for you.

4) Step 4
Click the Save button on the right and you are DONE!


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Name: Lilo Date: Sep 27, 2009
Comment: i lyk this

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