Love&Hate Fashion Formspring Background!

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Love&Hate Formspring Background

Love&Hate Formspring Backgrounds
Keywords: fashion, clothing lines, clothes, lovenhate, love, hate,, karmaloop,, Click to Suggest A Keyword?
Description: A layout of the logo for Love&Hate.
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Submitted by: Samed
Submitted on: Dec 4, 2009

This design also available as:
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Follow these steps to add this background to your FormSpring page. :)

1) - Click here and download the background image. Right click the image and Save it to your computer.

2) - Go to your Formspring Background Design page.

3) - Click Browse on your formspring design page, and locate the background image you just downloaded.

4) - Type this where it says Background Color, including the # sign:

Also! Make sure to UNcheck the box that says "tile background".


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